Things I’m Loving

Hi gals! After rounding up tons of goodies between the holidays and my birthday last week I wanted to share with you some of my favorites, that I’ve quickly implemented as daily saviors in my getting ready routine. These are my top five:

  1. SGX NYX Dry Texture Spray: This product is dry shampoo on steroids. It volumizes your roots while degreasing them too. Also, it smells amazing. I like to use this when my hair is dirty and falling flat, but also just after I’ve washed it just for that boost it will give your crown.
  2. ColourPop Double Entendre palette: This palette is, of course, comprised of soft glam colors, including soft shimmery browns and matte subtle oranges. This palette was under $20 and is my first ColourPop product, and let me tell you… it is the most pigmented palette I have ever used. Though I am absolutely in love with Tarte products I often have to pile on several layers, but it is not so with this palette. A little goes a very long way and I can already tell this will last me forever. Tutorial on my favorite DE look coming to IG stories soon!
  3. It Cosmetics CC Cream: I know I’m a little late to the game with this one, but I have so many foundations that I rotate through depending on my skin each day that I want to hear a thousand good reviews and get the product on sale when I want to get a new one. I snagged these when they were BOGO on the QVC website, and WOW. I had been using Maybelline’s Dream Urban Cover dupe that’s $11 rather than $39, and it was absolutely fine but it did get cakey throughout the day if I was trying to wear it for a long time, and the It Cosmetics version is a little better in that arena. It’s so worth the hype and doesn’t harm your skin as much as heavier foundations. However, bare in mind that this will transfer when you blow your nose and whatever, unlike super stay-on foundations such as Estee Lauder.
  4. Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gentle Cleansing Lotion: In a pinch a couple months ago I picked up this product because I left my body butter at home and my eczema was causing my hands to begin to crack. Later, when I was checking out the bottle I noticed it’s also a makeup remover. I have started to pump two pumps of this into my hands and rub all over my face before I use my MakeUp Eraser to get more makeup off a little easier and I can’t recommend this enough for makeup removal purposes! It’s very very light and made with water so I would NOT recommend using it as a hand cream– you need something much thicker to block your hands from drying out in harsh winter weather.
  5. JulyModa Amazon Hair Crimper:This hair crimper is a beast. Since I got it Christmas I haven’t used my curling wand or straightener on my hair. Also, it gives a much more natural and soft wave to your hair, unlike using a curler where it’s clearly not naturally done. This stays really well too so long as you hit it with a little hair spray quickly afterwards! I have received countless compliments on my hair after using this and it is so inexpensive and worth every penny. There are a TON of pink crimpers on Amazon just like this one. This one doesn’t really have many ratings or reviews, although it’s the cheapest by about ten dollars, and it lacks the LCD temperature display many of the bestselling crimpers have, so if that matters to you I would opt for one of the more expensive ones (still only around $35).

Friday Finds

Yasss it’s the weekend! Here are some weekend essentials that have grown on me lately– whether you choose to watch TV with some wine and popcorn (my style), or go out on the town for some grub and dancing.


TOP LEFT: It Cosmetics translucent powder, $18, Nordstrom Rack
This is for oily or acne prone skin (ahem, ALL of us) and as of late I’ve been seeing the true value in these setting powders not only to keep my under-eye area together, but also to reduce the 8th hour cakeiness some foundations typically end up as, making you less oily and more put together in snaps.

TOP RIGHT: Buffalo check pajama set, $13, Target
I got these for my aunt for Christmas and she’s literally obsessed with them. They’re super cozy and warm, and she even pairs the top with jeans or leggings and a vest for the daytime! These are sure to keep you comfy during your at-home movie nights and breakfasts in bed.

BOTTOM LEFT: Stila Stay all Day (Beso), $22, Ulta
I recently went on a MAJOR Ulta haul on my birthday since I had a gift card from Christmas, and had been scouting out a new red lip since the very pigmented, less maroon red, that I had was just kinda orangey and well, tacky. A blogger as well as a close friend had recommended the Stila shade Beso as it’s known for complimented literally any skin/eye/hair combo. And it stays on forever!!! Wear this on your date night to keep your man stealing glimpses at you all night long.

BOTTOM RIGHT: Montville dress, $65, Selfie Leslie
This dress is so cute and unique. The clip dot pattern and belted features add to its dainty boho look, making it look like it had a price tag in the hundreds. This is definitely a dress you won’t really find elsewhere, and will certainly have heads turning if paired with Stila Beso and a nude pump heel. A perfect date night dress for upscale, downtown dining.

What to Wear Wednesday

Hi everyone! Happy WTWW, Wine Wednesday, and everything in between. I’m so excited to get this week going! I have been busy with meetings and work for my internship, as well as tons of things to get done for the blog and life in general. But it’s definitely still not as busy as things were for the holidays– thankfully that’s over!We’ve had a full house for what seems like forever, spending my free time at the store and cooking and cleaning and showing people around.

Today, I’m sharing a look that could take you from a casual day running errands or sipping rose with friends to a posh dinner at night.


PICK #1: Satin cowl-neck cami, $34, Abercrombie
While critics dub this lightweight cami as “lingerie” I consider it to be a nice dressy top with a simple touch. You can really make it carry any feel or vibe that you want, and it can be day to night if you just switch out pants for a skirt, for example.

PICK #2: High rise skinny ankle jeans, $78, Abercrombie
I always have to pick ankle jeans and in the short fit because I’m really that tiny. But I also have a weird thing about when and when not to wear ripped jeans– I believe that you really have to control the amount of rips and make sure they’re not raggedy looking, so if I opt for ripped jeans I usually opt for a single knee rip, like is seen with Levi’s or Abercrombie denim.

PICK #3: Steve Madden Elory booties, $78, DSW
Normally, I would say to wear dainty necklaces and simple open-toe heels with the simple top, but my bold side says you need to add some color, pattern, and contrast in here! So, opt for a bold white bootie to offer contrast, or a wild pattern (snakeskin or cheetah) to offer some real flavor to such a simple outfit.

Weekly Sales

Hello everyone! This week coming up is the first week this winter that includes zero birthdays, holidays, or other get-togethers. It also means back to work and getting on that full-time grind with blogging, my internship, and my final semester of undergrad. In order to make this week less stressful I’m going to share a bunch of awesome sales I’ve come across to start the week off on the right foot.

  1. Wireless earbuds, $20, Nordstrom Rack
  2. Initial necklace, $20, Nordstrom Rack
  3. Moon necklace, $28, Nordstrom Rack
  4. Satin midi dress, $67, Abercombie 
  5. Hot cocoa candle, $10.50, Bath & Body Works

Friday Finds

Happy Friday! I had such a blast with my friends visiting for my birthday and am so grateful they made the trip to come see me and spend my birthday with me. Although, I am going to also start kicking my butt into gear to prepare for my last semester of college soon… How crazy that this is all finally coming to an end. Anyhow, last weekend I was able to have the night off and go on a little date night with Craig– which we no longer get to do very frequently since getting Miss Jadie. I’m gonna share a cute but casual winter date night outfit today. Enjoy your weekend!

TOP LEFT: Socialite Cowl-neck cami, $39, Nordstrom

TOP RIGHT: BlankNYC suede moto jacket, $94, Nordstrom

BOTTOM LEFT: Faux Leather Leggings, $69, Nordstrom

BOTTOM RIGHT: Sam Edelman Hilty booties, $111, Nordstrom

What to Wear Wednesday

Happy WTWW! Tomorrow is my birthday and some friends are visiting to celebrate with me. That said, I’ve spent some time scouring the mall and websites to find something to wear out with them. Today I’m sharing a perfect GNO outfit for a January baby.

PICK #1: Lulu’s Ruffle Neck Bodysuit, $46, Lulu’s

PICK #2: Levi’s Mile High Super Skinny jeans, $98, Lulu’s

PICK #3: Lulu’s Nude Ankle Strap Heels, $31, Lulu’s

Recipe: Chicken Parmesan

Hi friends! I have gotten some feedback that recipes and home-related things on the blog are also of interest and that I should share more of those things. That being said, I’m going to share one of Craig’s favorite recipes that seems to be like a cult favorite in terms of recipes: chicken parm! But with a twist– mine is meatless! I’m a vegetarian by choice but sometimes crave meat-based recipes, so having so many alternatives available to make something similar (without all the nausea) is fantastic.

Serves: 4


1 package of Morning Star Chick’n Patties

1 BelGiosso fresh mozzarella ball

1 jar Newman’s Own pasta sauce (I always prefer tomato basil)

1 box Barilla penne pasta (we prefer the whole grain pasta since it’s more natural and filling as a result of being less refined)


  1. Preheat oven and follow directions for baking the patties on the package. At the same time, boil water for your penne.
  2. Once the water has come to a boil and the oven is preheated, throw in your pasta and your patties. Set timers for both items.
  3. Drain the pasta and set aside, pouring a light drizzle of olive oil on top so it doesn’t all stick together.
  4. Take the chicken patties out and layer a thin spread of sauce on top, followed by a slice of the mozzarella cheese. Mix remaining sauce into the penne pasta.
  5. Pop the patties, dressed, into the oven for 2-4 minutes just so the cheese melts.
  6. Remove patties from the oven, and serve over a bed of penne pasta.
    Pro Tip: serve with a side salad for some veggies!

Wine Pairing: bold reds (merlot, cabernet sauvignon)

Friday Finds

It is the first Friday of the decade and my eagerness to celebrate has not dwindled! I’m sharing a few things on the blog today that are New Year steals that were popular throughout 2019.  These cult classics that bloggers have made into all the rage will surely be present in the new decade as well.

TOP LEFT: Hair crimper, $26, Amazon Prime

TOP RIGHT: Tula Discovery Kit, $52, Ulta

BOTTOM LEFT: It Cosmetics CC Cream, $39, Ulta

BOTTOM RIGHT: Revlon Volumizing Hairdryer, $60, Ulta